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RRETEIG-150x150The Approach

The goal is to become a globally top visited site, for reliable information about the Natural Resources and Public Health. Subjects which interest us the most in these times of misinformation and problems with the right food to stay healthy.

The expectation is to attract many people to get informed and interact with the site through comments and later also subscribe and become a member of the site.

The infrastructure will be carefully selected to serve its purpose well

The Story of the Site Owner

Studied Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture and worked 12 years as Coffee and Cacao Research Officer and later 26 years in Bauxite Mining. of which the last six years also in charge of Mine Rehabilitation and Reforestation.

After my retirement, I decided to dedicate my time, mainly to promote a path to improve a better management of Waste, to ultimately obtain a goal of NO WASTE and NO GARBAGE DUMPS. It is possible but takes much time to educate the Governments and their societies, how to manage it. The waste is mainly emitting Methane gas, which is the second most important Greenhouse Gas (GHG). But methane is 21 to 25 times more aggressive as Carbon diOxide. With around 1800 Parts per Billion (PpB), it is the main contributor to Global Warming, evt. causing Climate Change.

Next Steps…

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