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Bring you lots of information in popular Niche Sites, illustrated with video presentations about 3D TV, Eczema, Family Tree, Garden Lilies, Healthy Eating, Kick Boxing, Norway Travel, Porcelain, Power Generator and Stress Management. On this page you will find a brief explanation what affiliate sites and niche sites are. Further referrals to other interesting sites and Safety Hints, which are followed up on a special page. On the About Me page there is some short information about the owner.

All this information is available, without restrictions, however we would appreciate your comments, to let us know your opinion. Please fill out the comment form below, and be assured that we respect your privacy. Or contact us via de contact form

To go to the  Niche Sites, where you can read, about various aspects of the subject of your choice, on 20 pages of every niche, illustrated with videos on each page, follow the link. Come back to My Affiliates Sitesfor more interesting information.


What are Affiliates’ Sites – and what are Niche sites

Let me start explaining what affiliate marketing isAffiliate marketing is if one person, cq company or whatever entity makes an agreement with a seller, cq merchant or company to sell his or its goods (product, service or information) for a commission. Normally these agreements are made on the merit at no cost, although there are exceptions, to the famous rule.    

Well, a site which offers these goods for a seller is called an affiliate site and if various sellers are involved on various sites, these may be called affiliates’ sites. These affiliates’ sites, in the simplest case, exhibit the seller’s goods, which are marked with an affiliate code. If someone clicks on one or more of these goods, the client will be referred immediately to the site of the seller and he finishes his purchase. The affiliate gets a commission. 

Now about niche sites. These are sites, dealing with a certain degree of a specialized segment of a given market. Take for instance the flower market, which is huge. It involves everything with regard to flowers, materials, services and information associated with flowers. But if you sell lilies, then you are involved in a niche of that market and garden lilies is even a more specialized niche.  These sites are often also filled with quality content and then are in fact hybrids. The ads are the affiliate products and are as such supposed to bring in some income

Some Other Interesting Sites


Some Safety Hints. Below are referrals to our safety hints, to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

Healthy Eating – Eat Less Meat It is advisable to eat less meat. It is good for the individual and it is good for the environment. Flowers in the bedroom Do not leave flowers in the bedroom overnight.
Fluorescent Lamps Fluorescent lamps, although saving electrical energy, must be handled with precautions. Watching TV in the Dark Many people are watching TV, whatever TV or work on the Computer in total darkness.



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