Healthy Eating – Eat Less Meat, It Is Good For You And It Is Good For The Environment


EatLessMeatIt is advisable to eat less meat In the first place an adult needs only 75 gram or less than 3 ounces, to get all nutritional benefits. It is proven that eating too much meat is one of the causes of obesity and raised risk of coronary diseases, the latter especially with red meat. See also facts about meat nutrition

 In sports, those who eat less or no meat, have a better endurance compared to the meat eaters. This is a result of many research sessions done by doctors in that field. 

 Furthermore eating less meat allows less cattle, which is better for the environment. One cow is contaminating up to four times as much as a car, in this case with principally Methane, the second most important gas causing the greenhouse effect. It is however 23 times more aggressive than Carbon Dioxide.

 When we need to breed less cattle, the effect on the environment is huge. Less forests will be slashed to convert into pastures, less resources like fuel, gas, soil, water, grains etc will be needed to feed and service the greater live stock. According to the FAO, about 60% of the world’s agricultural land is used for grazing almost 400 million cattle and 600 million smaller ruminants.

 Live stock produces lots of contaminants as ammonia, and the globally affecting greenhouse gases as Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide, contributing to global warming. Methane has a global warming potential(GWP) 23 times that of Carbon Dioxide. Not to speak of a secondary pollution by pesticides used on livestock 

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