About Me

About Me

Previous career.

RRETEIGRetired as Mine Manager. Worked 12 years as Coffee and Cacao Researcher and 26 years in Bauxite Mining, Processing, Rehabilitation and Reforestation. In my retirement started as Internet marketer.


I will post a variety of articles to improve the quality of life. The overall objectives always will be to save natural resources and inform our readers how to live a healthy and happy life , while considering the principles of doing everything they can to avoid contaminating the world, where we all need to live for many, many years to come.

Business Profile

I am a great admirer of nature and was taught to think about those measures, we could take to improve the soil, the waters and the air, which form part of our daily life. I therefore included a space in all my affiliates sites for this subject.

As in a group, it is much more meaningful to argument and propose ideas for those improvements, I joined various organizations to do just that. Use nature wisely and try to imagine the importance of it for us human beings and what each of us can do to live in harmony with it.

I will always try to teach ways to lower your carbon footprint, to consume less meat, with very positive consequences for the health of the individual and for the environment. Further to reuse, recycle and replace non renewable natural resources.

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