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 We need to speak out about Nutritional   Health and the relation to the   Environment.   Recent studies revealed many contradictions   to conventional   wisdom about our health in general. This is also the result of the changed   quality  of products put on the market by the Food Industry. Many bad   ingredients are used to influence our eating habits and having adverse effects on our digestive system and endocrine system alike. The last is, simply put, a network of glands producing and secreting substances called hormones, which are regulating vital functions in our body.

Some of the bad ingredients are excessive sugar, sugar substitutes, hydrogenated vegetable oils, preservatives, highly processed food products, to name a few. Recent studies found that men have 25% fewer Testosterone levels compared to the ’80s. Crops are indiscriminately genetically modified, considered necessary to feed the evergrowing world population, frequently rendering crops with fewer nutrients exacerbated by poor soil physical properties. Ever since the boom of the petrochemical industry the predominant fertilizers used where chemical compounds, which together with the overuse of pesticides killed of most if not all microbes in the soil. A soil without microbes will always be a bad soil.

The proper management of Organic Waste is of the Utmost Importance for its effect on Public Health and on the Environment. As this is a world problem, many countries need to step up the plate and do their part. We need to separate our residues and treat the Organic Waste in Biodigesters, producing BIOGAS and DIGESTATE, the former to replace fossil fuels and wood burning and the latter to revitalize our agricultural lands. See also the video below

biodigester in actionworking of biodigester

Tackling the issue of Organic Waste will take more time as we need to get rid of generational believe that the best way to handle residues is burying them in a dump. This is a gross mistake, as we are causing many problems for the health of the environment, contaminating aquifers, rivers and air. The best way needs to be taught to the new generation and separate the residues and ReUSE, ReDuce and ReCycle up to infinity.

Studying the live of microbes, which live in the soils in symbiosis with other lower and higher organisms, convinced me, that humans really must learn to do better and manage their residue in a responsible way. We need to scrap the word GARBAGE from our vocabulary. There is nothing to be left untouched after we consumed, used, utilized whatever resource. We will always end up with another resource, which we need to manage carefully. If you know the story of organic waste, for instance, you will never ever talk about Garbage, it is is a valuable resource. That is why it is important to treat ALL of our organic residues in Biodigestors, use the BIOGAS to cook, heat or use in purified form as a good product to produce electricity or run utility vehicles. The digestate is a good biofertilizer and replacement for the chemical fertilizers.

With this product we can rehabilitate the soils introducing organic matter microbes and minerals. This soils will also yield better crops, with less need for chemicals for disease control. We therefore need to restore the autoimmune system of the crops. and the microbes, such as Rhizobacter and Mycorrhiza are giving a helping hand.

Nutrition and Public Health

With obesity and many other nutritional health conditions among the world population, it is very much a time to speak out, about our Nutrition. The last decades, many studies done by Health Professionals revealed various and enormous amount of information about our Food and Environment. Many products which were hailed as super healthy, are not so beneficial as we might have thought. In one field, the scientist went way overboard in their efforts to try and develop new genetic methods to increase the yield of various crops to enable farmers to grow more food, to feed the evergrowing world population.

In their noble effort, they however on various occasions, crossed a line and came up with products which are not that healthy for humans. Think for instance of wheat and other grain products, soybean, and other GMO products. Additionally, certain crops have some defense mechanisms to protect them from being harmed by plagues and hence produced chemical compounds to avoid their seeds being eaten, such as the nightshades. Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and chilies belong to this large plant family. Eating products from these plants is still possible, but with some precautions. Under all conditions, one needs to get rid of the seeds and the placenta, where the seeds are attached to, as there is the highest concentration of the plant protein, named Lectin, which causes problems in our digestive system and even may lead to a condition known as “leaky gut”.

Cooking is also a good remedy against this protein. So in the case of Beans, including peanuts, it is necessary to cook very well until they are soft. Peanuts, which are no nuts, can also be cooked and after an hour be drained and fried in healthy oil at low temperatures. The peanuts, which are well drained will avoid also that too much oil is absorbed, stop roasting when the peanut is crunchy.
Soybeans and many soybean products can better be avoided, not only for the Lectin but also for the extreme genetic modification and hence less advisable for Nutritional Health. This product also contains an alkaloid, which in many cases mimics the hormone estrogen and may cause breast cancer in women and men and prostate cancer in men.

In the last paragraph, I also mentioned “healthy oils”, which are those products which are extracted by cold press. These oils are Olive oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil and others refined through a cold extraction process. Watch out as some of these oils are adulterated. Also, Butter is ok, if prepared with milk from grass-fed cows. The other oils are extracted through hydrogenation ate high temperatures. Avoid meat from cows treated with chemicals like antibiotics and growth hormones. Beyond the point that the quantity of meat should be reduced to around 75 grams or 2.5 ounces per adult, which provides the needed nutrition and to avoid obesity and other problems.

We will provide more specialized nutritional health articles through separate articles.

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