About Us

RRETEIG-150x150  The Approach

The goal is to become a globally top visited site, for reliable information about the   Natural Resources and Public Health. Subjects which interest us the most in these   times of misinformation and problems with the right food to stay healthy.

The expectation is to attract many people to get informed and interact with the site through comments and later also subscribe and become a member of the site.
The infrastructure will be carefully selected to serve its purpose well

The Story of the Site Owner

Studied Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture and worked 12 years as Coffee and Cacao Research Officer and later 26 years in Bauxite Mining. of which the last eight years also in charge of Mine Rehabilitation and Reforestation.

After my retirement, I decided to dedicate my time, mainly to promote a path to improve a better management of Waste, to ultimately obtain a goal of NO WASTE and NO GARBAGE DUMPS. It is possible, but takes much time to educate the Governments and their societies, how to manage it. The waste is mainly emitting Methane gas, which is the second most important Greenhouse Gas (GHG), with a Global Warming potential of 21 to 25, against Carbon DiOxide at 1. With a concentration of around 1800 Parts per Billion (PpB) in the Atmosphere, it  contributes to Global Warming, evt. causing Climate Change.

Next Steps…

We will constantly promote to follow the climate accords and changes in nutrition, once new findings are consolidated

Keep reporting on new findings, as Global Warming has a direct effect on various facets of our life:
_ Public Health. The rising temperatures, cause many ilnesses, such as resperatory problems, gastro-intestinal disturbances and problems with the uratory tract.
_Water supply. Rising temperatures cause extreme droughts, over exploitation of acquifers, and availabilty of potable water.
_Fires. More frequent forest fires, which again cause a strain on water supplies and destruction of housing, infra structure etc., with a direct effect on public health, due to increased air pollution.
_Biodiversity. There is a direct correlation between higher temperatures and deterioration of species in the wild, beside the side effects of previously .mentioned results.

With new studies in the field of nutrition, we will update on previously reported revelations, once the results are consolidated.

Call to Action
Talk to your City Authorities to improve their management of the Residues in the City to work towards NO WASTE, by recycling all recycñables. If whatever material used in the consumption of goods is not ready for recycling, we need to stop using that material, until we obtain good instructions to recycle. Treat the #OrganicWaste in BIODIGESTORS