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Watch TV in the Dark

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Watching TV in the Dark



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Many people are watching TV, whatever TV or work on the Computer in total darkness. This is very bad for the eyes, as the contrast from the screen and its surroundings, may run up to 10:1. Permissible is 3:1. It is a better way, utilizing a lamp with indirect lighting on both sides of the TV, computer or dimmed lighting in the room. Even in Cinemas, which the people want to mimic, there are normally some backlight lamps next to the screen.

I worked on an illumination project in an office building and saw two units doing their work in front of the Computer while the rooms were in complete darkness. Asking what the reason for this was, I was told that the group works on publicity projects for a local Company and they need to distinguish true colors. Knowing that this was not good, I started measuring the contrasts between the screens and the surrounding walls.

What I suspected was clearly shown by the readings of the meter. The contrast was 9 to 10:1, while the allowable contrast is 3:1 max. The people complained of headaches and dizziness after work. The management changed the set up after the study was presented. I installed indirect solid-state lighting of a suitable intensity and color rendition index (CRI) and there was no problem distinguishing colors.

This is just one of the actions, which do not present the reaction immediately. The complaints are coming in overtime and are sometimes not immediately recognized. It is better to prevent, as certain damages to our eyesight are not always reversible.

Last modified: 18-Sep-2012